May 29, 2010

Lessons in Garage Sale Shopping

Posted in Frugality tagged , , at 4:06 pm by Jennifer

I have heard that in order to get a good deal on baby clothing, that it is good to get them at garage sales.  So, garage sale shopping I did!  I really don’t want to pay full price for any of Lily’s clothes.  So, if I can get a good deal, I’m gonna try!

So, for $5.5o, I got 10 outfits:

Snazzy, I know!  I just drove around, looking for garage sales.  If they had anything as I drove by, I stopped, took Lily out, and looked through their pile of clothes.  I did more driving than looking, but for two hours worth of shopping, I can’t say that I fared badly at all!

Unfortunately, though, I drove around the part of town that didn’t have a whole lot of garage sales.  Next time, I need to find areas that have a greater garage sale to population density..