June 14, 2010

Grief for Lost Little Ones

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Tears for a Tiny Lost Life

I found this blog entry this morning while perusing bloggymoms.com, and I was moved by this post.  I don’t know the situation, but I do know that a couple lost their precious baby boy while seven months pregnant.  I felt moved to link back to her blog, written by a friend of the couple.  Read it.  Its good!

I can’t think of anything harder than losing a child.  I have some dear friends who have lost children, only to be incredibly grieved myself by their loss.  My heart still goes out to them, and I  hold them up in prayer often.

I think we should all be grateful for our children.  We should hold them tight, and thank the Lord for our little ones.  I know that I do every day for Lily.  I am so blessed to have her.  Someday, when she is driving me crazy as a willful toddler, I need to remember to always be thankful for her.  Everyday, I need to love her more and more.