June 2, 2010

My Personal Little Miracle

Posted in Baby tagged , , at 5:03 pm by Jennifer

A year ago yesterday, we had our first ultrasound to see our little Lily.  I was 10 weeks pregnant, so she was just the size of a strawberry at the time.  I remember when the technician placed the doppler on my belly and saw her for the first time.  It was crazy.  She was so tiny, and it was awesome watching her wiggle her arms and legs.  I was thinking thoughts like, “Am I really pregnant with that?  So, that’s the thing that is sucking all the life out of me!”Tiny, tiny Lily

Now, a year later, I am amazed at this little person.  She is a bit bigger, weighing in at about 15 pounds.  She is probably 25-26 inches long…I can tell you more at her 6-month doctors appointment in 2 weeks.

What amazes me is the constant ways that she grows and changes.  Now, she holds her feet and eats them, grabs toys and chews on them, and she is constantly growing in her awareness of the world.  All the time, I am greeted with her precious smile.  She will laugh when her daddy and I laugh sometimes, and she loves it when I kiss her on the cheek.  I think she’s also starting to teethe, as she’s been a bit fussier lately.

The bond between mother and daughter is so strong.  I would give my life for her, and I adore everything about her.  I never thought that having a child would be this amazing.  I know its not always going to be easy…just well worth it.