May 26, 2010

Is American Idol Fair?

Posted in Pop culture at 6:30 pm by Jennifer

One of my favorite shows is American Idol. I love it!  I love the auditions.   I laugh when watching delusional people make fools of themselves!  I love watching the good ones make it through to the next round.  I really enjoy watching the top 12 sing out their hearts and of course, state the obvious to Mike that they were either awesome or terrible.

It saddens me that American Idol is mainly a popularity contest.  When Crystal Bowersox is the only girl in the top five after Siobhan got eliminated, its a small clue as to who is voting – mainly screaming 12-year-old girls.  Its also a good sign when of the first 4 to get eliminated, three of them are girls.

Is American Idol meant to be a popularity contest?  Why don’t they limit the number of votes to say, 10 per phone line.  It would help to ensure that the good people stay on and the bad people leave.  That way another Daughtry isn’t sent home as the fourth runner up or another Taylor Hicks doesn’t win.  Where is he, anyway?  Anybody heard from him lately? <crickets chirping >  Exactly my point.