June 10, 2010

High Chairs, Exersaucers, and Carrots

Posted in Baby tagged , at 12:16 am by Jennifer

This week so far hasn’t been too eventful.  On Sunday, I emailed a lady about a high chair and another lady about her exersaucer.  I found the ads on Craigslist.  I haven’t really used Craigslist before, but now, I can say that I’m a fan!  So, on Monday, I picked them up.   Lily isn’t ready for the high chair yet, but she loves her exersaucer.

It took her a few minutes to get the hang of it, but she just loves sticking everything in her mouth.  Too cute!

On Tuesday, I watched a friend at a playgroup give her little one some baby food and realized that I am giving Lily food correctly…just not having enough patience with her.  So, I gave her carrots and she loved them.  Or more, wore them!

The poor thing had carrots in her hair and even up her nose a little bit.  It was fun.  This evening, we tried sweet potatoes again, and she just loved them.  I am going to start making her food, as I want to save some money as she consumes more of it.  Before, I really didn’t know what I was doing, so it took us a whole month to get through one jar of sweet potatoes.  She finished it tonight.

Being a mom is the best.  It takes some patience, but I wouldn’t trade it.  Plus, that sweet little face is priceless!


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  1. Cameron said,

    Oh wow this is hilarious!! We are still on rice cereal right now, but I’m really excited about starting the real food!! It looks like a blast!! A messy, wonderful one!! haha

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