May 27, 2010

The Unexpected Blessings of an Unwanted Move to OKC

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:42 pm by Jennifer

I admit that initially before we really entertained the idea of moving, Oklahoma City was not on my radar of places that I wanted to live.  I didn’t even think about it!  When Michael got the call about an opportunity here, I was actually hoping it wouldn’t work out!  After all, we had just put laminate flooring down in our beautiful little home!  Little by little, I became excited about it.  As I think about all that we left behind, such as our church and our home, I am reminded of all the blessings that have come from the move here:

1.  I got to quit my job two months earlier than planned!  I was going to leave  in early December, but I really wasn’t happy an Ineos Bio.

2.  We joined LifeChurch and immediately joined a LifeGroup that blessed us with some awesome friends!  I am so blessed with great people here!

3.   My spiritual growth here in OKC has been greater than it was in Arkansas, simply because I have had to rely on both God and my friends so much more than we did there.  Being home has many struggles that accompany it, and it has been amazing seeing how God has provided for us!

As I look back, I am thankful for what God has given.  It is really hard with the fact that family is so far away, but I am still grateful!



  1. thank you for stopping by my blog! I live in KS, how cool that you live in OKC 🙂

    We too are Dave Ramsey fans and working so hard at getting out of debt. Dave is such a blessing isn’t he?

    Talk to ya again soon!

  2. It is amazing when we let go, and let God what wonderful experiences w have. Enjoy your new life.

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