May 13, 2010

Why did we wait?

Posted in Baby, Family at 11:54 pm by Jennifer

I was thinking earlier about how Michael and I waited five years to have Lily.  Five years!  That is a really long time to wait to have a baby.  True, I was dawning on my 22nd-year when we tied the knot, but that is a long time.  I just wasn’t ready.  I decided that I wanted to wait and work for a few years.  I wanted to travel and buy a house, blah, blah, blah…

Well, we bought the house.  We paid off all of our debt, and we even got our emergency savings built up.  I worked in a lab for four years as a lab technician (I went to school for Ceramic Engineering…I didn’t even work in the same field as my degree), which was an okay job.  We went on a cruise and a vacation to Gulf Shores, AL.  I got to go on a mission trip to Mali and Haiti.

When I look at my sweet baby girl, who is snoozing in her swing, it makes me wonder why.  She is absolutely precious – just a joy to my heart.  I worked in a job that I didn’t really like that much so that I could buy things.  Things that don’t compare to what we have in Lily.  We sold the house and lost almost $20,000 on it, and now we are saving from scratch for another house.  Yet, I still get to stay home.  Savings are slower, but I get to be home.  I never miss a minute with my precious one.

I don’t necessarily regret waiting itself, just the reasons for our waiting.  If you feel God leading you to wait to have children, that is between you and Him.  I fear that we waited out of selfishness and fear.  Not worth it.


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